Hello my friends! It is September, so fall is right around the corner! This past week I am slowly making the change to fall attire, as I am sure some of your are as well. It is important that you still have your staple wardrobe, but add in some new trendy pieces as the season changes. And great news! There are some major major fall trends we are already starting to see emerge! Knee high boots, dress coats, and metallics. There are so many options to pull from these trends that I can not wait to share with you! Let’s get into it!


Knee high boots always make a come back! And its no wonder why, because it is so practical in the cold weather months! This fall trend is so easy to be a part of and will easily make you look in the know. There are the variation of knee highs you can supplement your wardrobe with. For instance: crocodile pattern, suede, or just under the knee. And styling is so simple! Wear it with a mini skirt, skinny jeans, or for a major fashion moment, combine it with a long skirt with a slit. Here are some of my favorite picks below!

SAKS, $695


Dress coats are simple and a must have in your wardrobe, so that’s what makes this fall trend so fabulous! You are adding a staple you can use every fall/winter, but with the spin of this season. They are so easy to style! Wear it to dinner, out with your friends, or dress it down and make it casual with some jeans and sneaks! Check out my picks below!

SAKS, $950
SAKS, $890


You know I always like to try things outside the box. Which is why this is my most favorite of all the fall trends! This will add such a fun variation to an otherwise drab outfit. Try it in a beautiful blouse, an amazing jacket, or a fabulous new skirt! Once your start implementing it into your wardrobe, you will discover how easy it is to have fun with your looks! Here are some options below!


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