After relaxing at the retreat for a few days we started our Iceland adventure. We drove to Skalakot a hidden gem of a farm that was renovated into the chicest little hotel. We were there for two nights and we dived into all the activities the staff recommended. Starting with horseback riding, which we loved so much that we did it twice! On the second time, my horse almost ran away with me! It was a bit scary, but we managed and now we have a great story.


The best part, though, was the black beach ATV TOUR (A two-hour ATV adventure tour, across the black sand area Sólheimasandur and a visit to the famous airplane wreck. Includes great landscapes with rivers and hills and a nice view of the mountains and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier.) We felt like we went to the moon and back! From black sands to waterfalls, greenery, snow, glaciers, and rainbows — all in 2 hours! I strongly recommend this unforgettable experience!


Finally, for the last 4 hours we spent in the city, we ate breakfast at the well-known Bergsson and grabbed famous Baejarins hotdogs. We did a little shopping, naturally, and visited a famous church of Hallgrimur. I loved the colorful city and people, but we were happy that the majority of our trip was spent in nature, in settings unlike anywhere else in the world.



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