Ceta Walters and I were introduced to each other 15 years ago. Can you believe it’s been so long? It was almost a blind date, one of our mutual friends set us up through Facebook. Years later, we were connected again at the kids school, and the rest is history. I even remember the first day we talked about Ceta launching her blog, Clark and Stone! Look how far she has come now! There is a crazy power of friendship and fashion.

Ceta really is one of my best friends, with a very special place in my heart. We’ve been through so much together, from life to work to everything in between. Since the very beginning, Ceta has always been so supportive of my brand and my blog. She even modeled for a fashion show of Israeli designers! And at another event for Dana Rebecca, and this Maje event too. We even got to meet Diane Von Furstenburg together at a fashion show last year! Ceta and I have been blogging and doing events together for countless years, but that’s not the only reason I admire Ceta.


Of course I have to shout out Andrea Levoff a.k.a. Dope Ass Mom as well, we are a trio and she is a huge rock for Ceta and myself.

When Ceta told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, I was shocked. I have never had a friend deal with that. My grandfather had cancer, but I didn’t know what was coming. For most of us this year already feels like it’s the end of the world. But can you even imagine how life was for Ceta? When on top of a pandemic and social unrest, she was fighting cancer and going through divorce all within one year.

Ceta is a strong cancer survivor, an amazing mother, and a really amazing blogger. She is my personal style icon! You have definitely seen her on my blog before, because she always recommends my favorite outfits to me (like this top and this graphic tee). She has very cool, editorial fashion style and she nails every photoshoot! We actually have very similar style, again you can tell because I love to buy the cutest trends she wears!

We took this pic right when Ceta was starting her journey and I am so grateful for this tribe. Follow them on Instagram: Jules Kens, Marie Whitney, Monika Dixon, Irina Ovrutsky, Andrea Levoff, Janet Mandell, Saba Khan, & DJ Megan Taylor.

Most importantly, I’m inspired by the culture that she created on Instagram, and her involvement with the community. Seriously, I barely know any organization that Ceta isn’t a part of! Definitely strong inspo for anyone who wants to be a blogger. She proves that there is a bigger story and there is more life behind motherhood!

I wanted to do something special for my Ceta for her surprise cancer survival party. As classic Russian tradition, I love toasting at events but this time I had to step up my game because I knew I would be very nervous. So I came prepared with this poem (written by myself with Jason’s help) that I am sharing with you all, because I hope you can be inspired by this!

Ceta love, you are so strong
We all know clearly where you belong..

Cancer, divorce, covid, social unrest
for most other people it would be a hot mess.

I watched you as you grabbed control of your destiny
In that moment you earned so much respect from me.

With grace and empowerment you carried the room
we all marched along and whistled your tune.

I have to admit that when I heard the news,
It left me feeling emotionally abused.

The crazy thing was I tried to be there for you,
but really it was you who was getting me through.

Every time I faced a challenge I was thinking about you!
Your stories, photos and captions empowered my view.

Of course I am not alone, you have your tribe
and your community where you set the vibe!

Ceta love keep shining like a star,
after this crazy road you deserve to be on vacation somewhere far…

But tonight we are here to celebrate your biggest win!
The next chapter of your life officially begins…

DJ Megan play some tunes,
Ceta break out your best money moves 💃🏼

Let’s raise a glass for you my love, you are completely one of a kind.
The hardest part is now behind you,
and this is your time to shine!

We had so much fun celebrating Ceta at her surprise party that I barely took any photos! But whatever I have I combined to alittle video, including the moment of surprise and the speech…

If there is one thing I have learned in quarantine, it’s that there is nothing more important than family and friendship. This year has made me so grateful for family and friends, and made me want to cherish them so much more. Sometimes a good friendship is as simple as picking up a call, sending a text, checking up on each other. I plan to do more, how about you?

Of course, I am dedicating this blog post to my friend who kicked cancer’s ass, because I am so proud of her. But this message of the power of friendship and fashion doesn’t only go for me and Ceta, it goes for all of us. There are a lot of conflicts in the world right now, from a pandemic to social unrest to natural disasters. People are dividing, but I want to focus on things that are bringing people together instead. And for me, that is the power of family, friendship, fashion, and inspirations like Ceta Walters.




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